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BRACCIALE recalls the details of the first born creation of TUUM, the iconic rings. The words of the Pater Noster, Ave Maria and Angele Dei texts are caste in relief with emphasis given on the P, M or A. The bracelet is known for being extremely comfortable due to the fact that the TUUM goldsmiths have enhanced the ductility of the bracelet without compromising on the 925 sterling silver and finished quality. A special alloy has been created that allows you to shape it around the wrist making it more personal. TUUM bracelets therefore offer perfect t and absolute comfort. In the IRIS version (meaning “rainbow” in latin), available only in rhodium plated silver, 19 coloured topazes are positioned manually in each “O” of the text. The stones not only embellish the bracelet, but also the message itself.


BRACCIALE ROSARIO draws inspiration from the ROSARIO collection. The ROSARIO BRACELET is embellished with the symbols LA FEDE and FLORE. It is predominantly silver and has precious stones, such as onyx, pearls or silver beads interspersed. In 2015 we have launched ROSARIO LUX, which includes a further detail, three black spinels positioned on the FLORE petals.


DECEM BRACCIALE is the bracelet of the DECEM ring which requires no words as it speaks for itself. In place of script, the FLORE arrangement acts as an ancient embroidery pattern which becomes the background for the 10 “M’s” to stand upon. The DECEM bracelet shows the next stage in TUUM’s craftsmanship, where there are three levels of relief: the texture, the “M’s” and the edging, make this creation ever more special and sophisticated.